TV Antenna Price Ranges and Difference in Quality

When you have made up your mind of getting a TV antenna, there are a lot of questions that would be going on in your mind. What are the difference between antenna quality among so many models? Is it ok to go ahead with cheaper models or pricier ones? Can I try a cheap model initially to see if it works well with my TV?

These are some of the question that normally occurs to a cord cutter. There is certainly a big difference between the best TV antenna and a cheaper one. Price is certainly the difference factor. It is not necessary that cheaper models would give you the best in terms of quality. There are chances that you may not receive all of the channels broadcasted by your tower.

Purchasing a TV antenna:

When you consider to buy the antenna, then there are various online sites such as Amazon and others which can provide a general idea on the price. There are so many products available on these sites that provide you the breakdown on price and features.

A low budget antenna can cost you between $5 to $15. This also includes those bunny ear antennas used during 50s and 90s. A high-end TV antenna can cost you between $200 to $250. With a low end antenna may not pick up signals properly even from the nearby tower. Also within few days or months of purchase they may breakdown.

Below are few of the factors that make a high-end antenna worth the price:

  • DVR functionality
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Coverage range between 60 to 80 miles or even more

These features may not be available in all of the antennas. There are some which provide these features but they end up being costlier than others.

Difference in quality:

The quality of a product cannot be compromised with any other factor. Irrespective whether it is cheap or costly, if the quality of the item is not good then the product is not worth purchase. Purchasing a high-end antenna may or may not provide strong signal reception.

The actual truth is that; the TV antenna signal can only provide the highest quality signal when it is sent properly from the broadcasting tower. There is a need to look at the antenna definition level. If the antenna can provide 1080HD then it surely is great. This means, that you can receive video in high definition quality.

The quality of antenna is mostly to do with the reliability and the strength of the signal. Getting a long range TV antenna that can pick up good signals within an overage range of 30 to 50 miles would be a better option than high-end model that only has features.

Antenna features while purchasing:

When you plan to purchase a TV antenna, there are certain features that you need to look at.

  • Long range
    antenna is ideal so that it can reach out to a bunch of other towers spread in
    your area. This in turn can provide more channels.
  • Multidirectional
    antennas are preferred option. It is quite difficult to judge the signals hence
    getting a multidirectional antenna, it can pick up signals from all the
  • In today’s
    scenario, it is must to get a high definition video. If your antenna does not
    offer this feature, then switch to another one.