Livewave Antenna Review: Is This Really the Next Generation Antenna?

The era of television viewing has changed drastically since its initiation. Back from the days where you would get a black coloured small box called as a TV unit. Today the TV set is sleek and modern looking. Similarly, there has been a change in the antenna technology. From the bunny ear antennas to a modern and sleek looking indoor or outdoor antennas having great features.

Most of us prefer to have a high-end antenna wherein we can watch mindful TV. Something that is budget friendly and at the same time provides good quality entertainment. Here we have the 2.0 antenna that is changing the face of TV antennas. It has been termed as the next generation TV antennas.

  • Setup: We all are aware about the setup of TV antennas. A lot has been written about it. But the setup for Livewave is quite different. It plugs directly into the electrical outlet. The moment you plug it in the outlet, the entire home would turn into a TV antenna. There is no need to carry out trial or error with positioning. All it needs to be done is, plug in and your set. There are no other tools for installation. Seems to be a first step towards next gen antennas.
  • Number of channels: Once you plug in the antenna to the electrical outlet, the TV would take just few seconds for scanning through the channels. Out here, it would be completely dependent on your television and also how far you are from the broadcasting tower. The picture clarity is also dependent on the channel. Certain channels would be available in SD whereas some would be HD quality. If you have a good TV, you should be able to see most channels in HD format.

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A



Range (miles)





Channels Received


ClearStream Micron XG



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Channels Received


Few channels that you can expect to see are,
BET, Fox, ION, ABC, PBS, CBS, and MeTV. Note that the number of channels you
receive is dependent on the nearest broadcasting tower and if there are any
kind of obstructions.



  • Design: The design is quite simple. It is a plug-in antenna that comes along with a high-end cable. Quite an amazing piece of technology which is designed for efficiency and convenience.



Livewave antennas are certainly a change in innovation to look out for. It is changing the TV antenna sector and for better. From the bunny ear days to a plug-in antenna, the TV antenna industry is evolving. This antenna is surely a next-generation antenna to watch out for. Livewave is a great option for those looking to cut the cord so as to switch to much affordable options.

Those of you, who are looking to get the best of the TV, then surely try out this antenna and provide feedback on how you liked it. This is an innovative technology that holds a lot of potential. Imagine converting the entire home into a giant TV antenna which can receive signals from towers. Ensure to get the wiring of your house done right, so as to make the right use of this technology.